Postcards, Fans rather Ambassadors

Postcards, Fans rather Ambassadors

Around the world in a single day, in the first Alitalia virtual airplane. To embark you just need a photo.

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With our web and mobile solutions, we devised a Brand Activation project, in collaboration with ITOS Eventi: an app and a small survey to define the traveller style, a snapshot in front of a greenscreen and the users were launched in the main cities of the world through a virtual postcard, also printed as a gadget-souvenir. Visitor became brand ambassadors for Alitalia, conquering their seat-window on the first virtual plane of the company: the face of the users were extracted from the previously shot photos, by a face-detection program, and embarked on a 6-meter mega led-wall which represented the fuselage of a plane of Alitalia air fleet.

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