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The year – if the Mayans allow- is near its eve. Opportunities for good-willed startupper, the ones with the iPhone near the nativity scenes, are not ending though. More and more are emerging, such as: EricssonApplication Awards 2013” which places a prize of 80.000 euros for the best Android platform application, meant to improve the quality of living in the city. (…) in 2011 the winner of the “Students” category was indeed a tricoloured team. The group is called Justbit, and it smited the rivals with the application “What’s in my kitchen”, a system to keep under control all of the products inside our own fridge, in order to avoid wastes and buy just the necessary.

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The 12 best Android widget for 2012. Extended Controls. Although lots of Android phones now have similar settings widgets built-in, Extended Controls includes a lot more toggles, such as 4G, orientation lock and USB storage. And it lets you cram lots of toggles into either a 4-by-1 or 2-by-1 widget

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(…) yet, my satisfaction did not just come from the academic environment. In fact, I quickly understood I wanted to support my academic research on VCs with field practice: I wanted to be in touch with businessmen, technologies, investments. Therefore I started to give consultations to some fantastic italian startup as Co-contest and Justbit and also the iSEN from London, which are searching for VC financing. By doing so, my network quickly expanded, and I got in touch with numerous investors and businessmen from London and Italy. Nonetheless, I set my eyes somewhere else, once more (…)

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Four students from Rome invented an application to receive notifications from electrical appliances directly on the phone… A message arrives on the phone: Attention, there is no milk. And shortly after, the suggestion: using cheese and cauliflower left in the fridge, you can cook delicious au gratin vegetables. The food inside the house fridge becomes smart, and able to communicate with us thanks to a downloadable application on our smartphones… an idea, totally italian, from 4 students of Tor Vergata, Rome, which recently launched their small engineering start-up.

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Four students from the faculty of computer engineering of Tor Vergata, Rome, have won the 2011 edition of the Ericsson Application Awards. The italian boys have devastated the foreign contestants by interpreting the vision of Connected Society at its best with the “What’s in my Kitchen” project, real and concrete software and hardware architecture and not just a simple app, which consists in having your fridge always connected to the Net.

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They all come from Tor Vergata university (Rome), they all are computer engineer aged around 25 years. This year at the Ericsson Application Awards, an international award for students from all over the world, the silver medal was gained by an italian team … This was the birth of “ChilDroid”, an application that can be used by parents to localise their children and also allows the children themselves to attract their parents attention immediately, in case of need.

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