Who we are

We are a Digital Factory: a concept, solutions and projects factory, resulting from engineering experience, innovative aptitude and talent in knowing how to intercept and interpret the new technological trends. We master all the last gen technologies and we are able to gather from a wide knowledge expertise, also gained in an international setting.

Our history is relatively recent, yet it has already been marked by important successes. We were born in 2010, year in which a group of young engineers had won the Ericsson Application Awards, thanks to an innovative and experimental project. Since then, passion and dedication have led us to stand on the Ericsson Application Award podium once more, to win the Ego Programme and to obtain important recognitions with our projects, such as the mention for Extended Controls as “Best Android Widget” from Time.

Since the beginning, we have stood out for our ability to look to the future, anticipate trends and work, several years in advance, on topics and technologies later becoming well-know on the market. This is the case of What’s in My kitchen, which dealt with the problem of optimising the food resources in an IoT perspective, with RFID systems and wearable devices. The same can be said of Childroid and Extended Controls which anticipated the themes of “technology for the safety of the younger ones” and “Customization and centralization of the available functions on the personal smartphone” back in 2010.

We entwine technological skills with business management, marketing and communication expertise: in our team each one is bearer of different knowledge and vertical specialisations that, as in a network, are joined together in order to rise to the challenges proposed by our clients. With integrated, innovative and complete digital strategies. Our transverse point of view allows us to follow the entire lifecycle of a project: From concept to design, from development and realisation, until its promotion.

In this year we have grown thanks to diligence, dedication and study, which allows us to daily confront with ambitious projects for noteworthy and important clients. Passion is what gives us an edge, though. Borrowing Steve Job’s words “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. We are well aware of that.