We design interactive interfaces to create new experiences customised for each person.

UX Design

Did you know? Ux design is not just responsive.

A successful digital solution cannot disregard a pleasant and intuitive user experience, taking into account how people think, see, comprehend and make mistakes, and much more. We study usability and user experience for every single desktop and mobile products to ensure the highest possible compatibility level, with all the devices currently on the market.

In particular, through the user experience design (UXD o UED) we design satisfying experiences for the end user, intervening on factors like usability, practicality and user-friendliness of each solution. We focus on analysis and planning of the design, not limiting ourselves at the sole technological aspects but also taking into account the experiential, emotional and perceptive aspects that influence the interaction between user and product.

Our planning of a customised experience begins from research: on the one hand, we employ client and industry research activities useful to understand the context in which each company is set and the expected answers of their customer; on the other hand, we handle user research activities oriented to the comprehension of users’ behaviours and necessities.

Furthermore, our UXD services include the design of architectures, the definition of contents structures, layout, visual and interaction patterns, the development of wireframe and prototypes. Through deep usability tests, we guarantee our clients the best possible user experience.