We can listen and conversate with people that are already talking about you on the Web.

Social media management

Did you know? Social media management is more than just being present on social networks.

In this very moment, communication on social media is happening; the digital consumers share information about services and products, they give advices, observe, communicate. We help companies to properly enter in this conversation and guide it in the desired direction, using the power of the social media to strengthen their own brand identity and establish deep relationships with people.

We structure and manage each of our clients’ online presence: we take care of their profile, we produce and organise multimedia contents, we cultivate and fuel the relations with communities and the reference users. We encourage users to become brand ambassadors, feeding the interaction with the brand through marketing activation mechanics and social media management; we lead the communities towards the production of contents (user generated content), the co-creation and crowdsourcing.

Our social media marketing projects range from the management of online relations with influencer and stakeholder (PR 2.0) to the attention reserved to relations with customers using the CRM social, from the optimisation of social channels in order to direct the web traffic (SMO, social media optimisation) up to the social business applications like social commerce.

We are always aware of what the consumers are saying about a brand, its products and activities: we monitor the social networks to notice mentions of the brand and determine the sentiment and volume of online conversations. We take care of analysing the online reach of the brand to ensure measurable results from our social strategies.