We know how to let you find everyone that is already searching for you online.

Search engine marketing

Did you know? Search engine marketing is not just indexing on the search engine.

Being able to be found by someone who is already searching for a product or service, similar to yours, is of the utmost importance for all kind of businesses. For this reason we employ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies coupled with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), helping companies to be traceable and visible on the search engines, generating qualified traffic, directed to the reference web sites.

Through a vast knowledge of the conversion optimisation mechanics, combined to the most advanced search engine marketing services, we are able to enhance the online business of all kind of realities, significantly improving the conversion rate of the users in potential clients and maximising the investments in online promotion activities with measurable and organised KPI.

Our strategic promotion activity on search engines aimed to companies, products or services ranges from the reference target analysis to the identification of the main key used by users in a research, up to a precise planning of marketing activities related to budget and monitoring of the campaign results.

We take care of the planning and management of keyword advertising campaigns on the main search engines like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search, Bing, ensuring our clients a supervision of the performances and the efficacy of the advertisements, through a constant monitoring of the click percentage and achieved results.