An adventure to fully enjoy and play with TIMMY, the TIM technician. One objective only: help him with his mission.

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TIMLand is the gaming solution, available on iOS and Android mobile devices, invented for the 20th year of TIM. A level platform, in 3D, with a game plot and protagonist strongly related to the TIM world and its distinctive elements. A system of score and ranking invented to test the users and reward the most skilled. The game, entirely developed in Unity3D, lets you dress the part of TIMMY, the TIM technician, to help him in his mission: bring speed in all the houses in TIMLand thanks to TIM optic fibre. Playing with TIMLand you can control the movements of the protagonist, jump over the bystanders slowing his path and avoid obstacles in his path. It is the only way to arrive at the end of each world and install optic fibre everywhere. Bonuses and achievements to test the most skilled users are implemented in the game.

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