Nivea Milano

Nivea Milano

A smart tour across an unknown Milan, seen through the eyes of NIVEA. Always in your pocket.

  • NIVEA - Beiersdorf S.p.a.

  • Cosmetics and personal hygiene

We brought the city of Milan, narrated by NIVEA, in the pockets of the EXPO 2015 visitors and milan citizens thanks to a mobile app, Android and iOS. A guide that accompanies the users with suggestions and recommendations useful for a stay in the city. Integrating with the GPS service of the NIVEA Sightseeing Blue Bus and using the geo-localisation, the app enables the users to visualise their position along the itinerary in real time, find and reach the nearest NIVEA Bus Stop, know the timetables of NIVEA Blue Bus for the different stops.

The most typical and interesting places of the city are marked with the use of thematic itineraries inspired to the virtues of Nivea, allowing to access informative contents about all points of interest and to know the perfect itinerary for any necessities. The integration of meteo services allows the consultation of meteo information and NIVEA suggestions on the most proper products for the own skin care in any situation. A rewarding and couponing system inside the app gifts the users with a present thought by NIVEA for all the service users.

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