We introduce you to people already interested in you or what you do, on the Web.

Online advertising

Did you know? Online advertising is not just a simple banner.

As the digital consumers are amidst an overexposure of stimuli, every realities must be properly visible online to ensure it reaches its own target. For this reason, we offer our consultancy to organisation of any kind in order to encourage them to make the best use of web tools and reach possible consumers with their advertisements.

We support companies in the strategic organisation and planning of each publicity campaigns on new digital channels, employing the current tools offered by online advertising: from banners to display advertising campaigns, from editorial publicity on blogs to campaigns on social media, from interstitials to email marketing.

We organise online advertising campaigns for our clients, integrated and multi-channel: from planning to the key-words analysis, up to creativity; from monitoring to the optimisation of the investment, up to a detailed report by ROI (return on investment). Our professional expertise allows us to implement, manage and monitor campaigns based on keyword advertising, retargeting, social media adv, native and mobile advertising.

We use the best web analysis tools to trace the efficacy of the publicity on the Web, monitoring parameters like the count of visualisations for messages, number of clicks on Call To Action, the social reach, the conversion rate of a landing page, the source of a web site traffic..