We present customers that you still do not know.

Lead generation

Did you know? Lead generation is not just user profiling.

Millions of users surf the Web each day: knowing who, among them, is interested to your own products and service is a concrete asset for any kind of institution. For this reason, we back up brand and companies in the online research of potential clients, devising the best solutions to encourage the users to give their personal data, on which we build a pool of qualified contacts for the client.

In order to generate new contacts, we use all the currently available digital marketing strategies: from online advertising to marketing survey, from blogging to the creation of premium contents by registration, from social media marketing to e-couponing. We study the most engaging mechanics to attract online and on-site users: gamification techniques, competitions and contests, Social Photo Booth solutions are the distinctive features of our lead generation projects.

We integrate site, web and mobile applications with social platforms using mashup and API, forging tools able to acquire strategic data on behaviours and preferences of potential customers in a dynamic and clear way for the end user.

We constantly monitor our solutions, measuring the generated traffic and the conversions produced by the various Call To Action, the figure of created prospects and their quality. Through the analysis of the reference parameters, we evaluate the efficacy of our lead generation campaigns, optimising their performances.