We know how to make people have fun, so they can know and recognise you.


Did you know? Gaming is not just videogames.

The increasing diffusion of playful activities in all communication contexts transforms the game, from a simple mean to fun, into a tool to inform, educate, captivate and keep users faithful customers. We cooperate with companies in the construction and realisation of game-based marketing solutions aimed to make their customers loyal, strengthen the brand associations and increase their own brand awareness.

We develop digital games of extremely high quality, multi-platform and multi-device, single and multiplayer, placing a pronounced care to design and playability. We create simple game dynamics, amusing and captivating, ranging among the different gaming genres and building interactions between real and virtual using technologies like NFC, QRcode and Augmented Reality.

We see to the entire life cycle of a game: from the design of the character to the creation of the storyboard, from the construction of the game mechanics to the choice of the most innovative and engaging technologies, whom will be used until the identification of the most proper business model to apply in order to achieve the brand objectives.

We counsel our clients in the choice of the most appropriate gaming solution for their necessities, from branded interactive games used for the engagement of the public during in-store promotion or exhibition events to mobile advergame that will be released on the various stores to interest the clients and make them loyal, from serious games used to facilitate the process of company-specific training processes up to educative games meant to be used on didactic contexts.