Digital Marketing & Communication

With the intense use of information and the increase of interconnections, the Web and social medias have changed the rules of marketing and communication. The new digital consumers are constantly more conscious and informed: to attract them new tools to shape custom-made services, authentic contents and a constant interaction are necessary.

In this context we unify technological know-how, imaginative aptitude and new media knowledge to plan integrated digital marketing and communication strategies, with a multichannel approach. We realize innovative solutions to provide the brand a greater value and optimize the performances achieving expected and accessible aims.

We develop brand awareness campaigns using all the digital tools at our disposal to focus users’ attention and involving them in the brand story. We design Branded Content projects, we manage the online presence of our clients, we work on the reputation of companies and people and we plan new strategies to increase their online visibility.
Specific web and social media analytics tools are used to measure the efficacy of the messages on the web and of the Call To Action, providing our clients a detailed report about their marketing online campaigns and the acquired conversions.