We find suitable words to best communicate your online identity.

Content management

Did you know? Content management is not just writing texts for Web.

The stories are constantly becoming more and more fundamental for the enhancement of an online company image, in the facilitation of the noticing processes of products and services during communications with the stakeholders. We help companies to speak the web language, making them the main protagonists in the creation of contents: we think on the proper way to describe any reality and then structure its online reputation.

We combine creativity with technological skills in the construction of digital narrations to describe the brand and products, talking to the different reference targets. We develop efficient strategies of content marketing, with a cross-media approach, fully aware that the power of online storytelling resides in the union of the different tools and languages currently offered by the digital environment.e.

In the planning of a content strategy we appeal to emotions, involvement, preferences and characteristics of the target in order to create customised narrations and storiesEngaging brand stories, able to attract the attention of the users in the flood of contents proposed by the Web and original contents that people expect to find online, to answer their needs.

We plan, realise and update brand contents of high value. We analyse the fruition of the content, its diffusion and sharing by the hands of the users, the ability to generate lead and conversions to constantly evaluate the efficacy of content strategies on the reference audience.